Finding My Way Home

Finding My Way Home

I was lost as the moon

on the night it disappeared

into umbra   charcoal   cold


waiting for the earth to turn

paint bloody swaths of illumination

excavate bones   


a wait so long   I forgot my name

the way it fluttered

from my mother’s mouth  


a sparrow startled to wing

into a cracked-open sky  

lost    years   decades   


one night the moon slips shadow

harvests my name 

from the constellations


pulls me over land

humped shouldered

seas stirred black   


time metered and shelved   

to leave me with the morning tide

on this sun-bleached shore.


~Heidi Seaborn

This poem tells my story of living a peripatetic life and then finding home back where I grew up, finding love and finding my way back to writing. It also is a play on the name Sea Born and threaded with illusions to Venus. I loved that West Trade Review chose to publish it in this issue with this cover. 


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