"L/Anguish" and "Crash" in American Journal of Poetry

“L/anguish” is about my son Jack’s Crohn’s diagnosis. He was incredibly brave at the time and we all stepped up to match his tone. I wrote “Crash” after a family conversation where we each had a different memory of a car accident we had as children. It starts with my mother’s voice as the accident is happening, then we hear the voice of the man that drove his truck into us, then mine, my two sisters’, my brother’s and finally my mother comes in again with perspective.

"Get Out" in Bracken Magazine

I wrote “Get Out” in the fall of 2017 after Hurricane Harvey, Maria, the Mexico earthquakes, California and Washington fires. I had heard that birds were early warning systems, when I researched I learned how different varieties of bird respond to climate and weather danger. Sadly, this poem is as relevant today as it was a year ago and will be next year.

"Beyond" and "Dead Sea" in Construction Lit Magazine

Nine years after a deadly tsunami slammed into South Eastern Asia, the land and people recovered. In the decades between when I travelled to the Israel side of the Dead Sea and the Jordanian side, wars had been fought and the border had softened. I am fascinated by the resilience that people and nature show over and over again.