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The poems in Heidi Seaborn’s first book are as concerned with the physical as the metaphysical; the visceral past as the meditative present. Give a Girl Chaos reminds us of how tenuous and shape-shifting this life is, yet how even chaos has redeeming qualities: “[c]haos is the way in.”

~Maggie Smith, Author, Good Bones

In this striking collection of pain and joy…readers will discover a hidden gem inside every poem.

~Pank Magazine

Heidi Seaborn’s Give a Girl Chaos (see what she can do) is a startling first collection. Seaborn’s poetry pays homage to the chaotic world we live in—a world replete with love, divorce, death, rebirth, and family secrets— and transforms this chaos into an maelstromic feast of the senses. Give a Girl Chaos sings of hornet nests, butterfly hordes, moths in bed, and the depths of the heart. We travel through the intricacies of girlhood and womanhood, transforming memory. Deftly lyrical, she seeks language as her compass and verbs as her luggage. In this journey, in this world, Seaborn beautifully asks us to build galaxies amidst the havoc: “I see myself raise my son’s finger/to trace the big dipper little dipper/drizzling/honey onto this/and every night.”

~Jane Wong, Author, Overpour

Heidi Seaborn’s poetry collection Give a Girl Chaos wields everyday language with immense skill, resulting gin an expansive work. These poems encompass the range of human emotion…masterful…Give a Girl Chaos eloquently and effortlessly exposes the vulnerability and beauty in all of us.”



Finding My Way Home

“This poet brings us the sea, the flower bed, small things dying, a heart – all alive and kicking, Heidi Seaborn is a poet of verbs: ice keens, land shoulders an island, clamshells splay and split, things flap and stack; there are fields of flamboyant pink; gardens snap and silos crest —a heart taken out, pulses…this is a remarkable debut of a poet to keep watching.”

— Veronica Golos, author of ROOTWORK

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Island Books, Mercer Island, WA

Open Books, Seattle, WA

McNally Jackson Books, NY, NY


Finishing Line Press

Give a Girl Chaos (see what she can do) is a survival guide for challenging times, written in the language we crave now—poetry. Heidi Seaborn ‘s stunning debut collection is a lyric guide to harnessing chaos—from a world swirling in terrorism, war, natural disaster to the chaos of heart, home, body and family. Through poems that ache with beauty and violence, Give a Girl Chaos (see what she can do) reveals that by controlling chaos, we can achieve resilience, power and ultimately joy.