Curriculum Vitae

Poetry Experience:



New York University, M.F.A in Poetry candidate, degree expected in 2020.

Stanford University, B.A. in English Literature/Creative Writing, focus in French. Class of 1980.  

 University of Washington audited graduate-level courses (1974-76, while in high school) in the  Poetry program.



·    Give a Girl Chaos (see what she can do) (Forthcoming from C&R Press/Mastodon Publishing, 2019) full-length collection

·    Body Politic (Mount Analogue Press, 2017), chapbook/political pamphlet

·    Finding My Way Home (Finishing Line Press, 2018), chapbook, 500 initial press run


Manuscripts Under Consideration:

·       Postcards from the Aftermath, chapbook

·       The Diva Sings for Her Supper, chapbook



“A Writer’s Winter” Coffee Poems (edited by Lorraine Healy, World Enough Writers, 2018)

“Earthquake”, "How to Run Away", "Submission Guidelines" Absoloose Vol.2 Anthology (Loose Moose Publishing, 2018)

“The Ferry Line” Ice Cream Poems (edited by Patricia Fargnoli, World Enough Writers, 2017)

 “What We Hold on To” Washington 129 Anthology (edited by Washington Poet Laureate Tod Marshall, Sage Hill Press, 2017)

“November 2016” Who Want the World Like It Is” (Birds Piled Loosely Press 2017)

“Travel Advisory for Turkey” Flying South Anthology (edited by Steve Lindahl, Winston-Salem Writers 2016)



·      Joy Bale Boone Poetry Prize winner 2018

·       International Literary Awards Rita Dove Award in Poetry finalist 2018

·      Mississippi Review Prize for Poetry finalist 2018

·      Wheelbarrow Books Prize for Poetry finalist 2018

·      New Millennium Award for Poetry finalist 2018

·       Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry semi-finalist, 2017

·      Patricia Dobler Poetry Award finalist, 2017

·      Lauren K. Alleyne Difficult Fruit Poetry Prize finalist, 2017

·      Knightville Poetry Prize semi-finalist, 2017

·      Codhill Press Poetry Award (book) semi-finalist, 2017

·      Tucson Festival of Books Literary Award for Poetry semi-finalist, 2017

·      Cultural Center of Cape Cod National Poetry Competition finalist, 2016

·      Parks & Points National Poetry Competition, 2018

·      Best New Poets nominee, 2018

·      Pushcart Prize nominee, 2017

·      Best of Net nominee, 2017


Journals and Magazines:

3Elements Review: “Stung” 2016

Angry Old Man Magazine: “Egyptian Erasure” “After/Math”“Antarctica” “Eclipse Erasure”2018

American Journal of Poetry: “Mani Pedi Sestina”2017

Bloodtree Literature: “That Fall in 1996 When You Dined with Divas” 2018

Bracken:“Get Out” 2018

Caesura: “The Square House—94 Shaker Road, Harvard, Massachusetts” 2017

Carbon Culture Review: “#TED2016”, nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2017

Construction: “After” “Crossing the Dead Sea” 2018

Claudius Speaks: “How to Run Away”2017

Ekphrastic Review: “Nightview, New York, 1932” “Impressions of WH Auden” “A Photograph of Two Girls in the Country” 2016

The Flexible Persona: “Dissident” 2018

Flypaper: “When We Write About the Weather” 2019

Freshwater Magazine: “Ode to the Athlete” “Shore Leave” 2017

Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review: “How to Hold a Heart” “Separation” “In Memoriam” 2016

Gold Man Review: “Thanksgiving 2015” 2016

Gravel Magazine: “Submission Guidelines” nominated for a Best of Net 2017

The Heartland Review: “What I Knew” 2018 Joy Bale Boone Poetry Prize winner

Into the Void: “Small Deaths” 2016

Ithaca Lit: “After the Battles”, finalist for the 2017 Lauren K. Alleyne Difficult Fruit Poetry Prize 2017

Lines and Stars: “A Small Act” 2018

Mississippi Review: “Tuesday” finalist for Mississippi Review Poetry Prize

MORIA: “tea leaves” 2017

Nimrod International Journal of Poetry and Prose:“Family Secrets” semi-finalist for Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize 2017

Oberon Poetry Magazine: “Keepsakes” 2017

Parks & Points:“The Poetry Workshop” 2018 Poetry Competition

Penn Review:“Cleave” 2018

Poets Reading the News: “An Anonymous Act” 2018

Raven Chronicles: “Single Handed” 2017

Rockvale Review: “Instagram” 2018

Santa Clara Review: "She opened like a wound" 2018

Seattle Poetic Grid: “Grace” 2017

Seattle Poetry on Buses: "Off Alki" excerpt from“But How Could We Forget?”2017-18

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review: “Âme en Peine á Paris” “With the Maasai” 2018

Timberline Review: “A Drift of Fishermen” 2018

The New Guard: “Weather” semi-finalist for Knightville Poetry Prize 2017

The Voices Project: “Break this Sentence Down: She is Caught in a Loveless Marriage” “The Walk” 2016

Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal: “Wandering Seeds” 2018

Vine Leaves Journal: “When We Fight” 2016

West Trade Review: “Finding My Way Home” “Hypothermia Survival Guide” 2017

Windfall, A Journal of Poetry and Place: “But How Could We Forget?”2016

Yemassee Journal: “ESC.option.delete” “In Praise of Pink” 2018


  • Poetry Reader, The Adroit Journal, 2017-current
  • Featured Poet Readings: 
    • Easy Speaks, Seattle, WA 1/18
    • BookTree, Kirkland, WA 1/18
    • Island Books, Mercer Island, WA 5/9
    • Cornelia Street Café, NYC 6/9/18